Friday, April 22, 2011

Hello Bride-to-Be's!!

I don't even remember what I was searching for on the internet when I came across this gorgeous dress! It was one of those days when your searching for something and one thing leads to another & before you know it you're so completely lost in the web you don't even remember what your initial search was. But, I'm not complaining, because finding this dress was so exciting. A dramatic & modern gown made of delicate organza fabric and completely affordable. Yumm :) All the perfect ingredients for a bride's dream dress. Here is just one fabulous piece from the White by Vera Wang 2011 Collection

Coming across this gooorgeous gown made me think of my wedding dress and how much I loooove it. Yes, present tense. I looove my dress and wish I could wear it somewhere again! Ill never forget how exciting it was to shop for a gown. My mom and future mother in law was with me and we went to Bridals by Lori in Atlanta, Georgia. I actually got to meet the designer, Lazaro. He was so nice & helped me find the perfect accessory for my dress {my silk sash covered in fresh water pearls, yes please!}
He did a little sketch of my dress for me to frame {I kept it hidden forever because I didn't want Joel to see it & actually forgot about it until now} I need to get that sucker out & frame it. It's too cool to leave stored away. Anyway, trying on dresses. The FUNNEST shopping experience I think I've ever had. I wish I could do it again :) OHH! Also, when I was there they were filming for Say yes to the Dress, ATL and I was interviewed and used for a VERY BRIEF clip on the introduction to the show. Emphasis on 'very brief' haha but still, how cool is that.
Here is my dress, I am in love with it to this day!!
 Here is the sketch Lazaro drew for me! 
My dress on our wedding day with my fresh water pearl sash!
{Photo by Phindy Studios, Nashville TN}
Ok I could show off my dress for days. I just love it. 
Happy weekend everyone!!


Anonymous said...

love this one!!! had my coffee and enjoyed the read!!! keep em coming

love mom

Brianne said...

Where did you get your sash from?

Hello there, Honey said...

Brianne, I found my sash at Bridals by Lori in Atlanta {same place i got my gown}. But, the sash is made my Lazaro so Im sure you can order it or find it at any bridal store that carries his brand.