Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Headbands + Hair Clips {by me}

These are the headbands I have made that you can choose from! You can mix and match material!!  
{Buttons are limited so if the one you request isn't available it will be substituted for another adorable one!!}
These are my hair clips. 
Each flower has an alligator style hair clip on the back that makes it easy to place in your hair or clip onto a simple headband you already have!!
This is my Anthropologie inspired pom pom necklace I made!
All hair clips can be made into headbands, all headbands can be made into a hair clip. The contest winner will basically get a custom made accessory of their choice. Pick the material, tell me how you want it, and it's yours.
Have fun!!!

Don't forget: 
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2. Leave a comment below and/or on my personal facebook page telling me how you would design your headband if you are the lucky winner :)

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!


Jen said...

yay giveaway! i want that peachy one near the botton on a headband! BAD! does the first comment ever win? Probably not....dang it!


Sloane said...

I LOVE THEM ALL! Anything to add color to my all black wardrobe! My favorite is the 2nd one on the
2nd row! Adorable! Great with loose curls on a spring outfit kind of day!!

Jen said...

and i "liked" you on FB :)

judydefoor said...

I want a little girl to doll up with these!! I think I like the clip in style for me.

Lauren said...

I started following you blog! (entry #2) and I agree with your other reader. I love all of them! Super fun! (entry 3)

janell said...

I love the very first one in the first picture-the corally-colored one with white polka-dots! SUPER cute and would totally go with a cute sundress in the summer time! :)

By the way, I LOVE LOVE the chiquita banana earrings! If I could make those or even buy them-I totally would! :)

Kim said...

Oh they are all so cute! I love purple so I would vote the purple and green polka dots one would be my fave, the red and white is a very close second!