Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Laura Idol | Cocktails + Crafts

I first met Laura a few years ago when we were in nursing school together. I felt like I had known her for years from the moment we met. I'm so blessed to have her as a friend.
I love it that all of my friends are so very different from one another. I like to think that each of them fit a little piece of my personality. She is truly one of a kind. She's soft, charming, and incredibly warm. Her smile puts people at ease. She has a backporch and glass of sweet tea vibe about her. She's a girl's girl and what every guy dreams of in a woman. Laura loves shoes, shimmer, the color coral, and any excuse to get dressed up. She also loves hunting with her husband and shooting the high powered 30 aught 6 he bought her even more. One of a kind. That's Laura.
The jewelry she makes is indicative of her personality. Unique, bold, feminine, and stands out in a crowd.
A couple weeks ago we spent two days in a row together. I was ecstatic! We rarely get together these days with our opposite schedules. We made a trip to St Theresa's Textile Trove where we found some amazing buttons, beads, and fabric. The entire next day was set aside for cocktails + crafts! Mimosa's with fresh squeezed orange juice (she's the best), delicious raspberries, and strawberries. She's quite the hostess.
Here are some of my favorite photos from Laura's craft room where she makes her very unique jewelry.
She's gorgeous.
Her adorable whale headband I helped her make :)
I love the bold colors and feminine details. The coral bird bracelet on the right is one of my favorites! 
"Chiquita Banana" earrings!
The beautiful sterling silver earrings she helped me make. Mine all mine!
How cute are these little birds? And they're sitting on yellow flower petals. Seriously, I want some Laura.

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Debbie said...

love this Kristin - for just a few moments I was taken away from the insanity of my hectic day! Thank you!!