Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Fashion!

I wanted to change it up a little and share a few things I found on the web that I love.
These bow ties are beautiful. I would love to dress Joel in these everyday {if only he'd let me} Forage Bow Ties from {The Curiosity Shoppe}

I just love this cosmetic line I found. I have never used it, but can't wait to try it!It's called Paul & Joe. Everything is packaged in a way you can't resist. It has a 'I am a glamorous movie star from the 30's' kind of feel that makes it irresistible. 
Golf shoes with some soul! These are almost enough to make me want to take up golfing. If I EVER went golfing with my hubby I would have to own a pair of these adorable golf shoes. Love them!! Wait until you see the other styles and colors they have. Adorable.
{Equipt for Play}


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Annie said...

Hello there HONEY!! I love your site, your graphics and your spirit. Guess that makes us kindreds...
Do take up golf and when you do give me a call and I'll pack the flask. I promise it will be as playful as our shoes! Annie, Founder, Equipt for play