Friday, March 25, 2011

Food Abroad

We sat at the table enjoying our bar snacks and sipping cocktails while waiting for our dinner reservations at The Reef. The sound of the ocean waves made it seem like nobody was on the island except for me and him. All we could hear was the wind and the waves. It was a week of newly wedded bliss. I was now his wifey and he was my hubby.

     ok ok yes this post is about delicious food abroad and because I've been missing the Maldives so much lately. I would give anything. I mean anything. to go back there! Just to have that feeling of being so far away from reality, where you can do a three hundred and sixty degree circle and see nothing but water around you.
     That night, we were walking from the bar on the end of the island to The Reef for dinner and got a peak into one of the other restaurants where they had amazing food sculptures. The guy who did them every night was so funny and humble. He honestly thought his intricate food sculptures were no big deal but they were pieces of art. Being the mouth from the south I had to find out who made these sculptures so we went into the restaurant, met the guy, gave him some high 5's and snapped some pictures!
This is the artist himself! I look a bit rough (Dont Hate.) We were definitely not on the way to dinner the night I got a pic with him. It was after we'd been at the beach all day of course, of course ;)
And since we're talking about food, how about a little icing on the cake? More pictures of Kuramathi Just. For. Fun.
At the tip of the island, the most romantic spot there, the waves crash in opposite directions. The most beautiful thing I've ever seen!
OH Just our over water villa. Ahhmazing!
Now you see why Im spending the day dreaming of Maldives.

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