Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fancy Candle.

A quick, easy, and inexpensive way to beautify your basic candle or votive holder. I snapped a few pictures of the supplies needed and the final product! It turned out super cute. 

Basically you just wrap a piece of paper around the glass and trim it to fit evenly. Cover the glass in a thin and even coat of Modge Podge (which I believe is a fancy name for Elmer's Glue but maybe I'm wrong). I chose not to cover the entire glass in M.P. because it's unnecessary. Instead I just did it in two or three different spots. 

The next thing I did was cut a paper doily in half and modge podge it to the paper. Let that dry. You're pretty much done. I chose to add a little twine and sweet message to mine just to personalize it. 

 The end product. They turned out super cute! These would be perfect for a little house warming gift or just for fun. You could go a little bit further and make a match box to match (did I just use the same word twice?) but I didn't have any...we just have the match books which aren't as fun. Blaw!

*Please share pictures if you decide to make these!! I'd love to see em.

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