Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nick + Nate on Safari at Big Ken + JuJu's

My husband is from Chattanooga, TN so we love making a trip there to see his family any time we can. Nick + Nate's Birthday was no exception. They are my husband's ADORABLE twin nephews who just turned 2 years old!! We hadn't been at Joel's parent's {Ken + Judy} very long when the Birthday boys themselves made an appearance. And they were ready to play. 

First, we made our way to the creek via Radio Flyer where throwing rocks and making the water splash was quite the entertainment. But that didn't last for long. Soon they needed to water all the flowers, trees and bushes with the water hose. And man did they do a good job. Who do you think keeps this landscape looking the way it does?

A trip to Big Ken and JuJu's wouldn't be complete without lawn mower racing! The boys made their way up the path, across the garden and to the shed for "the mower and John Deere".  Being the BEST poppi ever, "Big Ken" fired up the lawn mowers and before long they were cruising around on the zero turn radius mowers like little race car drivers. Joel had Nick and Ken had Nate. Just the four of them. Not a care in the world. 

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Nichole DeFoor said...

Oh these are so cute Kristin! Great job!